The Constructed Self of Online Dating

May 11, 2019 – Washington State Library Series at the Washington Corrections Center for Women in Gig Harbor

Join UW Tacoma professor Riki Thompson in exploring the new world of online dating. Dr. Thompson’s work looks at the way identity is constructed and communicated in social media and dating apps.

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Dating in the Digital Age: Swiping, Liking, & Selling the Selfie

December 11, 2018 – The Swiss Restaurant and Pub, Tacoma

How do people find love, connection, and belonging in the digital age? Success in the online dating world starts with a catchy profile as well as messaging strategies that make others want to chat and eventually meet. In this Think and Drink, Dr. Thompson will share her current research about how people attempt to construct a desirable self through online dating profiles and what makes them swipe right and like others.  

Championing Critical Conversations about College

February 26, 2018 – UW Tacoma

Mediating M/e-Stories

November 1, 2013 – UW Tacoma

Visual presentation via Prezi

Collaboration in the Classroom

June 14, 2013 – University of Washington

Students and instructors are finding creative ways to use Canvas to collaborate during class. Riki Thompson and Ken Rufo explain how they are providing collective feedback on writing, and creating comprehensive lecture notes.

Active Learning with (Social) Media

2013 – Teaching Forum – UW Tacoma
Co-facilitated with Alissa Ackermann

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